Bruce Jenner Treats Adorable Jimmy Fallon Like Crap (VIDEOS)


Bruce Jenner bullied Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon invited Bruce Jenner for an interview on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, only to be bullied by the former Olympian.

Jenner confronted Fallon about some of his comments, behaving like an arrogant jerk. Check it out!

Bruce Jenner may seem like the nice one in the Kardashian/Jenner clan, but this guy showed what a total a**hole he is during this interview.

The vengeful former athlete immediately confronted the late night show host for making fun of him about his plastic surgery.

Jenner said, “It’s not a secret I had work done, I had it done on the show!”. Bruce then proceeds to pull out the most unflattering photos of Jimmy Fallon and makes fun of them. (Actually we thought Jimmy looked pretty cute in all of them).

Bruce Jenner proceeds to bully Jimmy Fallon, who nervously handled the confrontation without retaliating.

If that wasn’t enough, Bruce then name drops rapper Kanye West, saying, “Kanye’s real mad at you Jimmy for making fun of our family, oooo yeahh, you don’t want him mad at you.”

Fallon jokingly replied, “okay, you got me Bruce, you win, you hit me where it hurts, right in the yeezy.”

Seriously, can this man not take a joke. His face is a joke! Props to Jimmy Fallon for taking the bullying like a man!

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