“Anger Management” Stars Charlie Sheen & Selma Blair At War?


Charlie Sheen at war with co-star

Charlie Sheen has had issues with co-stars before and is now reportedly refusing to shoot his FX show if his co-star Selma Blair is on set.

Sheen even reportedly “fired” the actress because she badmouthed him to executives about his work ethic.

Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair had a huge falling out and he refuses to work with her.

Sheen, 47, heard that Selma had complained about him being late and he said he has “40 pages of lines per episode compared to her two.”

He fired the actress, although it’s not clear if he’s actually in a position to do fire people. He told FX executives that he wouldn’t show up for work today if Selma was still attached to the project.

Charlie wants to hire Mila Kunis, the girlfriend of his “Two and a Half Men” replacement Ashton Kutcher at $1 million dollars per episode. We’re certain that would go over well with Ashton!

Blair has been popular on the show as Sheen’s best friend Kate, a fellow therapist with whom Sheen’s character has an ongoing sexual relationship.

Charlie’s character is a therapist specializing in anger management.

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