Olivia Newton-John’s Sister Rona Dies Of Brain Cancer


Olivia Newton-John & sister Rona pics

Olivia Newton-John’s sister passed away at the age of 70, after her battle with brain cancer.

The 64-year-old “Grease star”, who is a cancer survivor herself, revealed Rona passed away last Friday in California.

In a Facebook message, Olivia wrote, “My beautiful sister Rona sadly passed on May 24th in Los Angeles. It was May 25th in Australia – which was our mother Irene’s birthday. Rona died of a very aggressive brain tumor and mercifully suffered no pain.

“She was surrounded by the love of her four children – Fiona, Brett,Tottie and Emerson and, her wonderful friends. I will miss her forever – my beautiful, smart, talented, funny, brave sister Rona.”

The family has asked for donations to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Center in leiu of flowers. A brain cancer fund will be set up in Rona’s memory to help people battling the disease.

Olivia had postponed her Las Vegas residency to be with her ailing sister last month.

Rona Newton-John was also an actress and was married to the late “Grease” star Jeff Conaway from 1980-1985. They have a son, Emmerson, 38, who is a race car driver.

Conaway, who struggled with drug abuse, passed away in 2011 from complications related to pneumonia and a degenerative brain condition.

Olivia opened up about her sister’s illness last month, stating, “I recently received the very sad news that my beautiful sister, Rona Newton-John, has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

“In light of this news, I have decided to postpone my forthcoming Las Vegas residency to spend time with her and our family. As a cancer “thriver” myself, as many people are, I am very aware of the importance of love, support and family during this journey she is about to begin.

“I want to thank everyone in advance for respecting our privacy during this difficult time.”

Rona was a model when she was younger and had small acting roles. She began a memoir called “The Dark Side of Charisma” that will be released this summer.

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