Justin Bieber Irks Billboard Award’s Crowd & Taylor Swift (VIDEO)


Taylor Swift disgusted by Justin & Selena kiss

Justin Bieber didn’t get the warm reception he’d hoped for at last night’s Billboard Music Awards, despite winning two awards and performing twice.

Bieber was accepting the Milestone Award when the crowd began booing. Justin seemed a little shocked, but went on to say that “none of the other bull” really matters. Bieber also grossed Taylor Swift out.

Justin Bieber too to the stage as people in the audience were heard booing as he tried to explain he is young and that he only cares about music.

The teen singer said, “This is not a gimmick. I’m an artist and I should be taken seriously.”

Bieber beat out several popular singers to wind the Milestone Award, including Taylor Swift. The was Bieber’s second win of the night, also nabbing “Top Male Artist”.

One pretty hilarious event of the night was when Taylor Swift saw her good friend Selena Gomez kissing her off-and-on boyfriend Justin Bieber backstage. Taylor stuck out her tongue and appeared to be throwing up in her mouth a little. Thankfully, this incident was caught on video.

Taylor Swift makes face over Justin Bieber

Swift took home eight of the eleven awards she was nominated for last night, but she sure was throwing serious shade at Justin Bieber!

During a press conference after the show, Swift was asked about Justin winning the Milestone Award and she stated, “Next question”.

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