Candice Glover Crowned Winner Of “American Idol” (VIDEO)


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Candice Glover was announced as the winner on “American Idol” Season 12 last night, beating out Kree Harrison.

Glover, who had previously been told by Simon Cowell she’d never be more than a lounge singer, proved him wrong on her third attempt!

Candice Glover, 23, an administrative assistant from South Carolina, was shocked to win, saying, “It took three years, oh my God.”

She cried as she performed “I Am Beautiful”.

Kree Harrison, an orphaned 22-year-old from Tennessee appeared to sincerely be happy for Candice.

The announcement of the winner came after performances by Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Pitfull, The Band Perry, and many others.

American Idol Finale ~ Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull by HumanSlinky

American Idol Finale ~ Mariah Carey Medley by HumanSlinky

Singing legend Aretha Franklin, 71, made a video speech to the audience of “American Idol” from New York, accidentally giving away the winner from the start.

Franklin stated, “Candice, tonight you are a winner, win or lose you are a winner, you and Kree both have promising careers.”

The show’s host Ryan Seacrest joked, “You don’t know the winner already do you? Otherwise what are we going to do for the rest of time?”

Franklin said, “I know but I’m not telling you”, although she pretty much just did!

When host Ryan Seacrest announced the result, stunned Glover gasped, “Three years!”

Glover first appeared on the singing contest in 2010, when she reached the last 70 before missing out. She returned in 2012 but was axed after reaching the final 40.

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