Awesome Deleted Movie Scenes You Need To See (VIDEOS)


Mel Gibson Lethan Weapon

We understand that the final version of a movie has to be censored or have scenes deleted before it makes it to theaters.

But sadly, some of these deleted scenes are so awesome and it seems a shame they weren’t included in the films. Let’s check out some of the best we wish had made the final cut!

Lethal Weapon

Mel Gibson as Riggs is one bad-ass and goes after a sniper at a playground, without caring if he was killed or not. At least the scene was put back in the director’s cut version but totally should have been part of the movie.

The Avengers

We really wish this scene could have been included in the movie because it shows a guy dealing with feeling out of place in the modern world, realizing just about all of his loved ones are gone.


Kristen Wiig has a very uncomfortable meeting with the son of a man she is about to go on a date with, but the child makes things even more awkward.


“Titanic” might be considered a chick-flick but it was a great movie. We think it would have been awesome if they could have included this scene. It touches on how small we are compared to the whole universe.

Knocked Up

Knocked up deleted scene

Jonah Hill is featured going on a rant to Katherine Heigl in this deleted clip about Brokeback Mountain not being more explicit. This clip is definitely NSFW with offensive language and sexual subjects.

X-Men: The Last Stand

This scene was understandably cut, but is pretty amusing. We imagine a movie theater full of teen boys probably wouldn’t have recognized this is Shakespeare. Honestly, I didn’t realize Beast was played by Kelsey Grammer until watching this clip.

Kill Bill Vol. 2

“Kill Bill” films are loved for their violence so it’s hard to believe they would leave this awesome battle out of the movie.

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

We love this scene, which explains why the Terminator has an Austrian accent. It’s because the others were too silly. Of course this scene might be considered to funny for an action movie. Can you imagine the Terminator saying, “I’ll be back…ya’ll”.

High Fidelity

This scene may have been cut because it was a little depressing. The character Rob, played by John Cusack, goes to the home of a woman (played by the awesome Beverly D’Angelo) who is getting revenge on her estranged husband by selling his prized record collection.

Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob, played by actor Tim Robbins, is shown in a shaking bed as blood drips all over him from the ceiling. We wish they would have kept this deleted scene, which explains you have to let go of your past to move forward.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

We wish they would have left this part in where Dudley shows he isn’t a complete douche to Harry. It’s nice to see even jerks have some good in them.


Tom Cruise teaches guys some dirty tricks to use with the ladies. This definitely should have been left in the movie. Too funny!

Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko is one of my favorite movies of all time and Jake Gyllenhaal was just awesome. Check out these deleted scenes.

Jackass the Movie

In this deleted scene, Johnny Knoxville tries to return a used sex toy and it’s all kinds of uncomfortable and awkward. Of course there are plenty of other crazy deleted scenes too. As you can guess, this is definitely NSFW with sexual and offensive language.


Borat finds massage very niiice

This deleted scene from “Borat” had us laughing so hard we cried. Borat, Sasha Baron Cohen, receives a hotel-room massage from a masseuse that is trying very hard to be patient…and professional. Obviously NSFW!


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