Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Divorce Finally Happening?


Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries finally divorcing?

It looks Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries could finally settle their divorce case in the next 24 hours.

Kris and Kim have to appear in court tomorrow for a settlement conference and Kris may be forced to accept a divorce instead of an annulment.

Source say Humphries may be finally willing to compromise, especially with their ironclad prenup that would mean he’d receive no money from Kim if the case went to trial.

Humphries is also facing being fined for not showing up at the last hearing, something we imagine didn’t go over very well with the judge. Also, if Kris Humphries loses, he would face paying hefty legal fees.

An insider said, “Kris is opening his eyes a little bit, and what he sees doesn’t look good.”

The former couple, who split in 2011 after only being married for 72 days, have been locked in a nasty battle because Kris was determined to have an annulment instead of a divorce.

Kris has now hinted that he will grant Kim a divorce if she will apologize for how she treated him.

A source revealed, “Kris has never said he won’t settle, but he has certain conditions and terms that he wants Kim to agree to that don’t include money. Put simply, if Kim were to formally say sorry to Kris in court – and if he felt it were sincere – he would likely agree to end the marriage and avoid the trial.

“However, if Kim comes into court with an attitude and acting full of herself, Kris will absolutely take this to trial. The ball is in Kim’s court and that pun is intended!”

If both sides are unable to come to an agreement, the trial will begin on May 6.

Kim Kardashian 32, who is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Kanye West, is said to be furious with Kris for dragging the divorce out and is worn out from the stress.

A source close to the reality star said, “Kim is furious with Kris! She wants to be divorced now and she is sick of his games. Kim is six-months pregnant and this would take a toll on anyone, she is no different.”

Hopefully they can get the divorce out of the way and move on with their lives.

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