Check Out The Celebrities Fans Consider The Most “Bangable”


Ryan Gosling & Mila Kunis

A new online poll reveals which male and female celebrities that top the list of the stars most fans fantasize about in bed.

Let’s check out which Hollywood celebrities are considered the “Most F**kable Celebrity”!

We all have different tastes and what one person may find attractive, another may find a turn-off.

Details magazine conducted a little poll to find out which celebrities make us the most hot and bothered.

Ryan Gosling, who is currently dating Eva Mendes, topped the list of the male celebrities.

Gorgeous Mila Kunis, the girlfriend of Ashton Kutcher, came out on top in the female category.

Let’s check out which celebrities we are lusting over:

Mila Kunis
1st place among women: 41% of the votes

Mila Kunis most "effable"

Kate Upton
2nd place among women: 32% of the votes

Kate Upton showing off her goods

Jennifer Lawrence
3rd place among women: 27% of the votes

Jennifer Lawrence bikini pics

Jessica Alba
4th place among women: 26% of the votes

Jessica Alba sexy photos

Megan Fox
5th place among women: 23% of the votes

Megan Fox bikini pictures

Ryan Gosling
1st place among men: 50% of the votes

Adorable Ryan Gosling

Zac Efron
2nd place among men: 45% of the votes

Zac Efron sexes up list

Adam Levine
3rd place among men: 36% of the votes

Adam Levine showing off tats

Channing Tatum

4th place among men: 36% of the votes

Sexy Channing Tatum

Bradley Cooper
5th place among men: 27% of the votes

Bradley Cooper shirtless

The “Oz: The Great and Powerful” actress Mila Kunis topped the choice for male sexual fantasies, followed by curvy Sports Illustrated Cover model Kate Upton.

Women seemed to be crazy over adorable Ryan Gosling, who won out over the other hunks with 50 percent of the votes.

Do you agree with this list? Which celebrity gets your vote?

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