American Pie’s Eddie Kaye Thomas’ One Night Stand Ends In Police Standoff


Eddie Kaye Thomas from "American pie" pics

Eddie Kaye Thomas may not have seemed like such a ladies man on “American Pie”, but the actor had a one-night stand with a woman that ended in a police stand-off when she refused to leave.

Thomas, who played Paul Finch in the film and had sexy time with Stifler’s mother, was threatened by the woman that wielded a knife.

The LAPD SWAT team surrounded Eddie Kaye Thomas’ Hollywood Hills home as the woman barricaded herself in his residence.

Eddie met the woman the night before at Mel’s Diner and took her back to his place. It appears the woman wasn’t so keen on leaving the following morning.

Thomas said they got into an argument and the woman pulled out a knife and began destroying his property.

During the standoff, the female trashed Eddie’s house before the SWAT team arrived and urged the woman to surrender.

Police later started firing flash grenades and tear gas into the home, eventually managing to go in and arrest the woman.

Thomas had left the house to call the police and the stand-off lasted about six hours.

Eddie Kaye Thomas has been seen in the films “Freddy Got Fingered” and the comedy “Dirty Love” with Jenny McCarthy.

We are betting Eddie will be patting down his next lady friend before taking her home with him!

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