Jimmy Fallon Taking Over Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show”?


There are rumors swirling that Jay Leno may be losing his late night gig on NBC to Jimmy Fallon.

An insider revealed that NBC is expected to announce that Fallon will be replacing Leno on the late night talk show in May.

NBC is denying the rumor but “two high-level industry sources” say it is definitely happening!

The network wants to bring Jimmy Fallon in to host in order to get younger viewers to compete with ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel.

Leno’s show does well but doesn’t attract television viewers in the 18-49 range as well as Kimmel.

NBC has fallen to fifth place these days and believes moving Fallon to the coveted late night time slot might give them the edge they need.

Both Fallon and Kimmel have created funny bits that attract viewers, such as Kimmel’s “F***ing Matt Damon” segments and Fallon’s musical numbers with celebrities.

There are major questions about the rumored changes as to whether Jimmy Fallon would move from New York to Los Angeles if he takes over Leno’s spot and who would host “Late Night” if Fallon moves to the “The Tonight Show”.

Leno has hosted the show for 20 years now. It looks like we will have to wait until May to see if Jay Leno will be stepping down.

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