Short Celebrities: How Do They Measure Up?


It’s really difficult to tell a star’s height by watching them on television or in the movies. without seeing them in person.

Many male and female celebrities are much shorter than they appear and some are pretty surprising. Let’s see how your favorite celebrities measure up!

Let’s take a look at the female shorties first!

Short Female Celebrities

“Jersey Shore” reality star Snooki is truly a little meatball at 4’8″

Shakira 5’0″

Jada Pinkett Smith 5’0, a foot shorter than her actor hubby Will Smith

Hayden Panettiere is 5’0″ and has recently rekindled her romance with Wladimir Klitschko, a Ukrainian heavyweight boxing champion who is 6’6!

Lady Gaga fans might be surprised that without her crazy-high shoes, she’s only 5’1″.

Christina Ricci is a petite 5’1l”

Reese Witherspoon has a big, cute personality but this little firecracker is only 5’1″

Country darling Dolly Parton is a bit top heavy at the petite height of 5’1″. The singer previously stated, “I’m only like, 5’1″, if I’m standing up straight on a good day. But I wear my five-inch heels, and I’m a tiny little person with tiny little bones and these big old boobs.”

“Client List” actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is a curvy brunette and only stands at 5’2.”

Reality star Kim Kardashian is a tiny 5’2″

Newly curvy singer Christina Aguilera is only 5’2″

Country star Carrie Underwood is rarely seen without heels, maybe because she’s only 5’3”

“Black Swan” star Natalie Portman is a cute, petite 5’3”

Ashton Kutcher’s main squeeze Mila Kunis is a tiny 5’4”

Madonna is only 5’4″, but with her big personality would seem to be taller.

Short Male Celebrities

It’s no big surprise that Danny DeVito is one of the shortest actors in Hollywood at 5’0.

Singer Prince is tiny, standing at just 5’2″

Actor Seth Green is only 5’4” and his wife Clare Grant towers over him.

“Harry Potter” actor Daniel Radcliffe is only 5’5″

Daniel Radcliffe joked about how all of his “Harry Potter” co-stars surpassed him in height as they all grew up. He said, “‘They’re all taller than me now, which is annoying. I’m going to have a very complex series of trenches dug. That way all my castmates can walk in them when they’re doing a scene with me.”

Limp Bizkit rocker Fred Durst is a shorty at just 5’5″.

Tom Cruise claims to be 5’7″ but most people say he is shorter than that.

Funnyman Ben Stiller is shorter than average at 5’7″

“Iron Man” star Robert Downey Jr. is only 5’7. This one shocked us!


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