Kendra Wilkinson Doesn’t Like Hugh Hefner’s Wife (VIDEO)


Kendra Wilkinson is refreshingly honest and talked about her feelings on Hugh Hefner’s marriage to Crystal Harris, aka the “Runaway Bride”.

The reality star revealed she was angry at Crystal for dumping the Playboy mogul just days ahead of their first scheduled wedding, saying she just “wanted to kill her”.

Kendra, who is starring in the reality diving show “Splash”, opened up to Big J Radio Show on Monday, saying, “I got pissed off when she hurt him and he can’t go around thinking that people will automatically love her, especially after that.

“That pissed everybody off, that she would just leave him and dump him, use him and abuse him.”

Kendra Wilkinson adds, “Of course, someone like me, I wanted to kill her. So now he’s trying to get people to love her again.”

But the 27-year-old, who starred in “The Girls Next Door” show before moving out of the Playboy mansion in 2009 said she will always “support Hef”.

Wilkinson admits she had a heart-to-heart talk with Hugh Hefner about his marriage when she visited him last week.

“It was just me and him and I looked him in his eyes and said ‘Hef, are you happy?'” she said. ‘And he’s like, “Oh, am I Kendra. I’ve never been this happy, and I want you to tell everybody that.”‘

Kendra Wilkinson was also asked in the interview over what 26-year-old Crystal will receive when the 86-year-old Playboy mogul passes away.

She explained, “Of course there’s a lot of gossip about that stuff. Nobody really officially knows. Not one soul knows about that except for them.”

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