It’s Getting Serious: Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Shacking Up!


Mila Kunis is moving in with boyfriend and longtime friend Ashton Kutcher!

The “Two And A Half Men”, who filed for divorce from wife of six years Demi Moore in December, has asked the “Friends With Benefits” star to move into his 9,000-square-foot Hollywood Hills mansion.

Ashton’s male roommate has already moved out of the home in anticipation of Mila moving in soon.

A source said of the couple, “They really are perfect for one another. They always have a lot of fun together.”

Friends of the couple reveal that Ashton loves that Mila enjoys a normal low-key life.

The 29-year-old actress, who has known Ashton since she was 14 when they starred together on “That 70s Show” together, is a huge hit among Ashton’s friends because she is so “low maintenance.”

An insider said, “Mila is such a nice girl and extremely down-to-earth. Everyone on Ashton’s team is happy for them. She is very laidback and low maintenance. Her favorite coat is from H&M and she doesn’t take herself too seriously.”

The source adds that Mila Kunis isn’t all about herself, adding, “She seems very interested in people outside of the acting industry. She’s a very real girl, engaging and very polite.”

It looks like these two are getting serious!

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