Deceased Man Ray Fulk Leaves $1 Million To Two Actors He Never Met


A man named Ray Fulk from Illinois, who was said to be a reclusive longer, passed away and left his $1 million estate to two actors he didn’t even personally know.

Actor Kevin Brophy and soap star Peter Barton were reportedly shocked to learn of the inheritance.

Ray Fulk, 71, died alone on his farm last July. The animal lover had never married or had children was such a recluse that his body wasn’t found until two days after he passed away of a heart attack.

Fulk’s estate attorney, Donald Behle, said, “He was a loner and a lot of neighbors didn’t know who he was.”

Fulk decided to leave his 160-acre farm to Brophy and Barton, which is worth around $1 million.

The man’s will was drawn up in 1998 and he told his lawyer that the actors were “friends of his”.

Peter Barton and Kevin Brophy were both seen on television in the 1970s and 1980s, but complete stranger’s to Ray Fulk.

The Illinois man also left $5,000 to the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago.

Brophy, 59, starred in the 1977 television show “Lucan”, playing a man raised by wolves. Barton, 56, played Dr. Scott Grainger for close to 20 years on “The Young and The Restless”. Barton and Brophy costarred in the horror movie “Hell House” in 1981.

Fulk had written fan letters to both actors but they never met him and were shocked when they were informed of their inheritance.

The man’s attorney said, “What’s the first thing you would think if you got a letter like that? You’d think it was some kind of scam. It’s been one of the oddest things I have ever had to deal with in 30 plus years of practicing law.”

Peter Barton traveled to Illinois to visit Fulk’s farm after receiving the letter about the inheritance.

Behle met with Barton and gave him a tour of the property, except for the home. “His house was an absolute filthy mess. We wore masks when we were in there,” Behle said.

Behle said the two actors should expect to receive checks in the mail once the estate is sold.


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