Celebrities That Battle The Bulge…Who Actually Won?


It has to be a huge stress in the entertainment world to be overweight, where everyone ties to look their best.

Not everyone, even celebrities, are built to be stick-thin and many have battled their weight over the years.

Let’s check out celebrities that have battled the bulge!

Most people have had their weight fluctuate over the years, but how would you like your extra 10 (or 100) pounds to be splashed on every magazine cover. Yikes!

We’ve compiled a gallery of chubby stars and take a look at who has just thrown in the towel on weight gain and who actually worked hard to shed the weight.

Christina Aguilera

Singer Christina Aguilera shocked fans with her hefty weight gain the past few years, following her split with husband Jordan Bratman. Christina says she loves her curves and doesn’t care to try and lose weight.

Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline seems to be trying, but not able to manage shedding all his extra weight. The former back-up dancer and ex-husband of Britney Spears, seems to be losing his battle with the bulge. But, there’s always hope!

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson was very slender in 2005 as she shot to fame after winning “American Idol”. Clarkson has packed on some weight, but seems comfortable in her own skin. All we know is the girl can really sing!

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has always been a little curvy, but the singer packed on the pounds over the years. She joined Jenny Craig after giving birth to her twins and reportedly shed 70 pounds. These days she appears to be a healthy weight, but still wants to bare more than she should!

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson was super hot when she was younger and thinner, but put on weight after her divorce from Nick Lachey. The singer recently shared that she lost 70 pounds on Weight Watchers after giving birth to her daughter, only to fall pregnant again!

Kirstie Alley

Former “Cheers” star Kirstie Alley appeared to have given up and gained lots of weight. But Kirstie shed the weight after appearing on “Dancing with the Stars” and lost a whopping 100 pounds by reducing her caloric intake!

Jonah Hill

Actor Jonah Hill wowed everyone after losing tons of weight, looking like a totally different guy. Hill has gained a few pounds back already but still looks much better.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne used to be known as the chubby daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. The “Fashion Police” star began an exercise program and eating more healthy and looks great!

Kelly LeBrock

Former model Kelly LeBrock is most known for her sexy role in “Weird Science”. LeBrock became overweight after having several children. She actually did a stint on “Celebrity Fit Club in 2008” and lost 31 pounds. But, LeBrock said she was starving herself and says she is happy with her fuller figure.

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