Bar Refaeli Treats Jay Leno To A Kiss…Just Not From Her (VIDEO)


Talk show host Jay Leno was hoping to get a little sugar when Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli appeared on “The Tonight Show”.

Leno brought up Bar’s sexy Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial, asking if she’d be willing to recreate the ad with him.

Jay said, “That Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial you did was great, it was one of my favorites. I’m thinking, any chance we could recreate the ad?”

“Sure!” Bar Refaeli stated. “Pucker up.”

Leno closed his eyes and Refaeli quickly pushed her makeout partner, Jesse Heiman, toward Jay’s awaiting lips.

“Now I feel like I’m not the only one,” Refaeli joked later as she and Leno bonded over having both kissed Heiman.

Bar Refaeli said she was surprised about all the hype about the ad, saying she knew the Super Bowl was a big deal in America but said, “I never thought this was going to happen.”

She said she did “a lot” of takes during the day-long shoot and that Heiman was “really nervous.”

In case you missed the Super Bowl commercial, check it out here!

“I guess they liked it so much, they said, ‘We want a tighter shot. And a tighter shot. And a tighter shot,'” she described shooting take after take. “I said, ‘Couldn’t you just bring different three cameras and go from all angles? Do I really need to do this 60 times?'”

Refaeli said of Jesse Heiman, “He’s a sweetheart!”

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