Banned Super Bowl Commercials!


A few of these advertisers might be upset their awesome ads were too “racy” for the to air during Super Bowl 2013, but being labeled “banned” makes us want to see them all the more!

Let’s check out some of these naughty, banned Super Bowl commercials!

One banned ad rejected by CBS was a commercial from Pornhub because “CBS Television Network Standards do not permit advertising related to pornography.”

Let’s check out some of the rejected Super Bowl commercials:

Bud Light – Have bad news for your wife/girlfriend? Use Apology-Bot 300

Another Bud Light Apology-Bot ad:

Bud Light – Skinny Dipping oops!

Durex – Protect Us All!:

Bud Light – Clothing Drive at Work for Bud Light (not a good idea):

Snickers – Accidental Kiss!


Go Daddy – Bar Refaeli & nerd make-out that was too racy and was edited for CBS:

Ashley Madison starring Porn star Savannah Samson:

Bud Light – Bottle Opener:

Go Daddy – “Lola”

PETA – Veggie Love:

Rolling Rock – Baseball Richochet:

Porn Hub :

This ad was pretty innocent actually. We’re guessing the frozen lake suggests the woman is frigid. But CBS rejected it anyway because it’s Porn Hub.

They said, “CBS Television Network Standards do not permit advertising related to pornography. Therefore, we cannot accept your submission.”

What was your favorite 2013 Super Bowl ad?


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