Action Star Steven Seagal Training People To Guard Schools (VIDEO)


Maricopa Country Sheriff Joe Arapio, who is known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff”, has joined forces with butt-kicking actor Steven Seagal to defend Phoenix-area schools.

Seagal and Arpaio are trying to beef up security after the Connecticut school shooting that left 27 people dead.

Steven Seagal met up with volunteers at the Fountain Hills school near Phoenix as they did a training exercise involving three “gunmen”.

Seagal, who is known from his action movies such as “Under Siege” and “Above the Law”, trained volunteers in hand-to-hand combat and other techniques.

Sheriff Arpaio was criticized about his plans last month, but stated, “Why would people complain about my posse being in front of schools to act as prevention?”

He announced the plan on the grounds of an elementary school, saying at the time he wanted the patrols publicized.

“I want everyone to know about it for the deterrence effect”, adding that there would be no taxpayer money spent on the patrols and that the volunteers would be supervised by actual deputies.

Arizona Democratic House Minority Leader Chad Campbell called the plan to use Seagal as an instructor “ludicrous.”

Campbell said, “Steve Seagal is an actor. That’s it. Why don’t we also have Clint Eastwood and Chuck Norris and Bruce Willis come out and train them too while we’re at it.”

Joselyn Wells, a mother of three children at a school in suburban Phoenix, where Arpaio’s posse has started patrolling was happy about the news.

Wells said, “A lot of people sit around and watch these things happen, watch key signs and no one wants to do anything about it. Nobody wants conflict, nobody wants to be out in the limelight. And he doesn’t care. He wants to do the right thing.”

Seagal is already a volunteer posse member in Maricopa County, and has been deputized with sheriff’s offices in New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana.

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