Wow! Maude Apatow Does A Spot-On Impersonation Of Kardashian Sisters (VIDEO)


Director Judd Apatow and “Knocked Up” actress Leslie Mann’s teen daughter, Maude Apatow, does an amazing impersonation of Kardashian sisters Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim.

In a deleted scene from her father’s latest film “This is 40”, Maude shows off her amazing skills in a video chat with her friend.

In the clip that was deleted from the film, Maude Apatow’s character Sadie video chats with a male friend (Ryan Lee) about the Kardashians.

Sadie seems to think Khloe is the smart one, but doesn’t like her baby voice when she speaks to her hubby Lamar. Kourtney seems to be the most responsible but said the whole “Scott thing is hard. Because she loves him, but he’s clearly out of control”. She then does Kim Kardashian’s voice, which is a mix of her other two.

She said in the clip, “She’s got that high voice, that kind of sounds like Khloe’s voice and Kourtney’s voice combined”.

Of course they also touched on Kim Kardashian’s rumored butt implants.

Here’s Maude’s deleted scene:

“This is 40” takes off where Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann’s relationship leaves off in “Knocked Up”. The film is inspired by Apatow’s real-family life with wife/actress Leslie Mann and his two daughters Maude and Iris.

Check out Jenn’s review of “This is 40” here.

It looks as if Maude Apatow has a very bright future in the acting world. Or maybe SNL!

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