Heidi Klum Swears Off Marriage


Heidi Klum claims she won’t get married again.

The supermodel went through a difficult split last year from her husband Seal, after renewing their wedding vows every years. But she now insists she won’t tie the knot again.

Heidi Klum said in her interview with Marie Claire magazine, “I don’t think [I’ll get married again], no, no. I wanted to keep the memory of [mine and Seal’s] wedding alive every year. That’s why I thought it would be fun to get married over and over. But now I don’t think it’s that important. I’m not angry about anything, but I don’t think I will. Maybe if I’m with someone for 15 or 20 years, and we do it in our old age as a fun thing to do … But I don’t have the urgency anymore.”

Her split with Seal has been rough but their four children – Leni, seven, Henry, six, Johan, five, and two-year-old Lou – are dealing with things well and are happy.

The 39-year-old model explains, “Did I wish for this to happen to my family? No. But everyone is healthy. We’re moving on with our lives. If someone got [very sick] – god forbid – that would be a real problem. It’s not what I wanted. It’s not what anyone wanted. But it’s not a real problem.”

Heidi is now dating her bodyguard Martin Kristen and admits she likes to keep things interesting in the bedroom by dressing up and experimenting.

Klum said, “It’s good to make an effort to dress up sometimes – to do things outside of the norm … If you are wild and crazy (in the bedroom), bring it on so the other person is well aware that you have little devil horns that come out every once in a while.”

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