Celebrity Ugly Ducklings: They Didn’t Always Look Hot!


We sometimes forget that today’s gorgeous Hollywood stars used to be plain and awkward as teenagers.

Some of the hottest celebrities were actually considered “ugly ducklings” before they grew into the sexy stars they are today.

Nicole Kidman

Keith Urban’s Australian actress wife Nicole Kidman didn’t always feel like a stunner. Kidman said, “I didn’t know whether I could become an actress because I was so tall and gangly.”

Tyra Banks

Former “Victoria’s Secret” model Tyra Banks has revealed she used to feel like a “freak” as a teenager. She said she was “tall, gawky and insecure.”

Victoria Beckham

Former Spice Girl Fictoria Beckham wasn’t always feeling so “posh”. She suffered from terrible acne as a teenager. In her book “The Extra Half Inch” she writes, “Teenage acne is definitely not a troll in the park. I had so many spots I could barely put a pin between them. It was just awful.”

Kate Winslet

“Titanic” star Kate Winslet told Marie Claire she was bullied as a chubby teenager. “Girls told me nobody would ever fancy me. Even now I do not consider myself to be some kind of great, sexy, beauty. Absolutely not.”

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert wasn’t always a gay sex symbol. The runner-up on “American Idol” Season 8 was actually 250 pounds in high school.

Ryan Seacrest

“American Idol” host and radio DJ Ryan Seacrest was a chubby, nerdy, looking teen. Not anymore!

Rashida Jones

“Parks and Recreation” star Rashida Jones shared a not-so-flattering photo of herself on Twitter as a teenager. That ugly duckling definitely turned into a swan.

Demi Moore

Actress and well-known cougar Demi Moore wasn’t always so gorgeous. She definitely grew into her looks. Well, with a little help from a good doctor!

Kelly Brook

British model Kelly Brook wasn’t always a knock-out! She’s a classic ugly duckling to a swan story!

George Clooney

Gorgeous actor George Clooney wasn’t always so handsome. He certainly looks different without the glasses and chili-bowl haircut.

Kate Beckinsale

British actress Kate Beckinsale used to be very plain with jacked-up teeth. No more!

Kate Moss

British model Kate Moss wasn’t always a striking model. She was a plain-jane child with a broad nose.

Patrick Dempsey

Former gawky teen Patrick Dempsey, who starred as a pizza delivery boy/gigolo in “Loverboy”, went on to grow into his his looks. He is now referred to as Dr. “McDreamy” from his role on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

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