Celebrity Teetotalers: Stars That Don’t Drink Alcohol


Most of us think of Hollywood celebrities partying it up drinking and doing drugs. But, there are quite a few celebrities that completely abstain from drinking.

Some famous people quit drinking after realizing it could turn into a problem, while other celebrities just never felt the need to booze it up.

Check out these famous teetotalers!


Rapper Eminem battled addiction to both drugs and alcohol in the past, but tackled his issues and quit several years ago.

Eminem said, “You gotta remember I hadn’t recorded a song sober in seven years. So it took me awhile to even feel like I could record a song sober … I don’t know the last time I shot a video sober, without drinking or taking anything. It’s been years.”

Blake Lively

“Gossip Girl” Blake Lively, who married actor Ryan Reynolds last year, is definitely not a party girl.

Blake previously stated, “I don’t drink. I’ve never tried a drug. I grew up with the mindset that after work you go to dinner and watch a movie. I don’t want to go to a club and not wear panties.”

Christina Ricci

Former party girl Christina Ricci said, “You know, I went through a normal kind of late teens, early 20s drinking, but it was a choice I made, because I didn’t think it was very good for my life”.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper stopped drinking at age 29 after he slammed his head against a concrete floor at a party (on purpose).

The hunky star said, “I don’t drink or do drugs anymore. Being sober helps a great deal…I remember looking at my life, my apartment, my dogs [when I was still using] , and I thought, ‘What’s happening?'”

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly has learned to steer clear of alcohol these days, stating, “Even a glass of wine at dinner would probably mean me going home, getting s**t-faced (drunk) and then being on drugs and doing something stupid that I have to spend the next three months apologizing for…I don’t like drinking that much as I hate throwing up and the taste of alcohol.”

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada admits, “I found myself drinking two bottles of wine on the couch and I said, ‘Jada, I think we’ve got a problem here.’ I had problems with alcohol and I really had to get in contact with the pain, whatever that is, and then I had to get some other tools in how to deal with the pain. From that day on I went cold turkey; I haven’t had a drink in eight years.”

Katy Perry

Katy Perry gave up alcohol for good in 2010 to concentrate on her career. She said, “You have to bust your ass at this which is why you don’t find me getting s**tfaced in bars… It’s so intense, it’s like you catch a rocket and you’re hanging on for dear life and you’re like, ‘Go!’”

Denzel Washington

Actor Denzel Washington quit drinking early career. He said, “I was on the path to destruction there for a while. I didn’t know what I was doing with my life. I think the cheap wine eased the pain of doing work I didn’t want to do. I had to learn to believe in myself. I was inches away from alcoholism, and I knew it.”

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman’s did a silly rap on “Saturday Night Live” about “drinking ’til she’s sick”. In real life, Natalie doesn’t drink at all!

Russell Brand

British comedian Russell Brand seems like such a party guy, but is clean and sober these days. He is a former heroin addict but is now addicted to yoga!

Gerard Butler

Butler quit drinking 15 years ago and has been to rehab for his addiction to prescription painkillers. He said drinking is a distant memory these days.

Gerard said, “I can’t remember drinking. When I stopped, I would look at a beer and think how great it would be. I’d get this pang in my stomach to go back out and have fun, but then I’d remember that I used up that right – that I did a full life’s worth of drinking between 14 and 27.”

Colin Farrell

Irish bad boy Colin Farrell said he is being a good boy these days. The sexy actor told Ellen DeGeneres, “Seven years sober. I’m really grateful. It’s really lovely to be present in my life. I was terrified [of being sober] because, I’m not saying I was a great actor before or a great actor since, but I was terrified that whatever my capacity was as an actor beforehand, however little or large — it would completely disappear.”

Now to have a tequila shot and a beer to celebrate these celebrity teetotalers! Cheers and props to you!


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