Smart Reviews From Stupid Celebrities: ‘Les Miserables’ Depressing Musical


What a miserable film! Hence, the title ‘Les Miserables.’ Don’t get me wrong, it was a great storyline. It covered everything — love, redemption, humor and so on. But the way the film was executed; made me want to march in front of a firing squad! The whole entire film was a sing-song. Really?! Enough already! It was annoying. It took the word musical way too far. Hard core musicals are certainly not for everyone. I know, I am tampering with a classic.

Personally, I think people who claim they love this ‘show’ are snobs. People who pretend to be sophisticated but are in fact, not at all. No offense! I’m glad I saw the film version rather than the Broadway version. The difference between the two? I actually understand the film. I’ve heard people who have seen the Broadway version, didn’t understand a lick of it. Oh by the way, the movie was a little over two hours, it felt like three.

‘Les Miserables’ has an all-star lineup of sorts. Hugh Jackman stars as Jean Valjean. Russell Crowe plays Javert. Anne Hathaway shines as Fantine. Amanda Seyfried is adorable as Cosette. Helena Bonham Carter takes on the role of Madame Thenardier. And Sacha Baron Cohen is the comic relief as Thenardier. The film was directed by Tom Hooper of ‘The King’s Speech’ fame. And the film was based on the novel by Victor Hugo.

‘Les Mis’ was set in 19th century France. It tells a story of shattered dreams, unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption. An ex-prisoner Jean Valjean ditches his parole and disappears into the darkness. But police officer Javert is always nipping at his heels. Valjean tries to turn over a new leaf and succeeds. He makes an honest man of himself by taking care of his factory worker Fantine’s young daughter Cosette. Cosette and Jean live a life in the shadows because Jean is always trying to elude Javert.

The film was not entirely depressing. Thankfully, Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter provided some laughs! They made a great comedic team. Their chemistry was impeccable. And seeing Russell Crowe sing was pretty amusing, too. Every time he opened his mouth to sing, everyone in the theater cracked up. Whether it was really Crowe singing or not; it was certainly a dramatically different role for the tough guy. I guess he should stick to those types of roles. Singing doesn’t really suit him. And he was definitely no Andrea Bocelli. Hugh Jackman was much better.

I didn’t see any Oscar worthy performances. That’s just my two cents. But I hear an Academy Award is written all over this! I guess I’ll wait and see when the Academy Awards air.

‘Les Miserables’ will sing your heart out on Christmas Day.  Check out more movie reviews from Stupid Celebrities.


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