“Pawn Stars” Beauty Olivia Black Given The Axe Over Naughty Past


Gold and Silver Pawn Shop employee Olivia Black was fired from the store featured on the reality show “Pawn Stars” after topless photos surfaced online.

The racy photos were posted on Suicidegirls.com in 2008 before Olivia was hired on to work at the pawn shop under the name “Belladonna”.

Black confirmed the axe on the show and store, writing, “Well s**t….I was just fired” on Facebook.

The National Enquirer reported Black worked for the racy website, where she posed topless in lingerie showing off her tattoos.

A source said, “Olivia doesn’t talk about her porn past, but all the guys and the crew know about it and have seen her photos. It’s one of the best-kept secrets from viewers.”

The photos appeared in the Dec. 24, 2012 print edition of the National Enquirer.

Black said of her firing, “Nay, sadly this is not a joke….I no longer work for Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, it has been a whirlwind of a year, and now I must move on. Just as simple as downsizing. It is of no fault of the guys. I still adore my bosses fully!!!”

Olivia Black has no hard feelings towards the guys at the pawn shop, writing, “The tear[s] have dried and the smiles have returned, I’m fortunate to have worked for ‘Pawn Stars’ at all.”

Black’s firing is the latest drama for the History Channel show, which reportedly got hit with a $5 million lawsuit earlier this month.

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