Guess The Weird Celebrity Body Part!


People have their flaws and that includes our favorite stars of television and the big screen.

Check out our gallery of celebrities with strange and deformed body parts to see if you can guess who they belong to!

This teen pop star believes that he had a twin in the womb that caused him to have four nipples:

It’s Harry Styles of One Direction!

This former talk show maven has six toes on her left foot and nasty looking big toe:

It’s miss Oprah Winfrey! We bet she doesn’t wear pointy-toed pumps often. Ouch!

This actress has a seriously jacked up piggy toe.

It’s actress Jennifer Garner, who is married to Ben Affleck.

Our next actress has a wrinkly odd tummy, compliments of bad liposuction:

It’s “American Pie” actress and hard-partier Tara Reid!

What actor has a major outie?

It’s Uncle Jessie from “Full House”…John Stamos! The actor previously explained it’s from a surgery as a child to repair an umbilical hernia.

This next woman has a morning talk show and a nasty belly button:

It’s Kelly Ripa of “Live with Kelly and Michael”:


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