Carmen Electra Admits Her Biological Clock Is Ticking Like A Time Bomb


Actress and singer Carmen Electra, who is now 40-years-old, admits she is “yearning” to have a child.

The former “Baywatch” actress still hasn’t had children and would love to start a family. We bet she’ll have plenty of sperm-donor offers!

Carmen was asked in a new interview if her biological clock is ticking, and she replied, “I definitely have that yearning, absolutely. It is the only thing I haven’t done in life. I had such a strong bond and connection with my mother who has passed away. I do yearn for that connection again. We’ll see what happens.”

The beauty, who is rumored to be dating Simon Cowell, turned 40 in April but said she didn’t freak about getting older.

She said she is embracing the next decade of her life and insists she wouldn’t want to re-live her younger days.

In her interview with FOX411, she said, “To be honest (turning 40) has been amazing. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I wouldn’t go back in time. I love where I am right now. I feel happy. Some people say, ‘You look better now then you did then.’ I take that to heart and live on that positivity. I love that.”

Carmen Electra has released a new dance single and is rumored to be considered as a judge of “America’s Got Talent”, alongside Howard Stern.

She wouldn’t confirm or deny those rumors, but did say she “adores” Simon Cowell, who is the head honcho of the show.

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