Best & Worst Celebrity Wax Figures!


Madame Tussaud’s is a huge tourist attraction, which gives fans a chance to get up close to their favorite celebrity’s likeness. It’s a huge honor when a celebrity is immortalized in wax, but a few results are less than desirable.

Let’s take a look at some of the best and some of the worst celebrity wax figures!

A few of our favorite Hollywood celebrities and their wax figures are so good that’s difficult to even tell which is real and which is fake.

Let’s take a look at some of the best celebrity wax figures:

It’s Britney bitch! Which is the real Britney Spears?

Yep, she’s the one on the right!

Next up is Jim Carrey. Can you tell which is the real jokester and which is his wax figure?

The real “Ace Ventura” star is on the left, but the figure is pretty realistic!

Which one of these is the real Rachel Ray?

The cook is the one on the right but it’s awfully hard to tell!

Which one of these beauties is former supermodel Tyra Banks?

The pretty thing on the left is the real Tyra, but the likeness is amazing.

Can you tell which guy is the true actor/comedian George Lopez?

He’s the one on the left but it’s hard to tell them apart!

Do you have any idea which of these is the real Cameron Diaz?

The actress is the one on the right! If you ask me, the wax figure is more attractive. Look at that flawless skin!

Now let’s check out the worst celebrity wax figures:

Ryan Seacrest never looked so bad! His wax figure looks pretty creepy!

Drew Barrymore looks like she has a bad 80s perm:

LeAnn Rimes looks like a dirty blow-up doll or a cadaver:

Lindsay Lohan’s wax figure doesn’t look that bad, just not like her at all!


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