WTF? Lady Gaga Raps & Gets Spanked In “Cake” VIDEO


Lady Gaga is drumming up controversy in an explicit video teaser for her segue into the rap world with her track “Cake”, where she twerks in just a G-string and t-shirt and gets spanks by two strippers in the bathtub.

The provocative singer released a teaser video for her new track “Cake Like Lady Gaga”, which was shot by celebrity photographer Terry Richardson.

Lady Gaga teased her little monsters with the short clip showing her practicing her dance moves as she raps, “Twitter on 30 million, under 30 hundred million, 30 million fans straight, fanning like my children, chilin. Act my man, every act, eve about EMI, ask anybody. I’m rich, homie I got ṗlanning”.

In one section of the video, Gaga is shown in the bathtub with two brunette beauties who proceed to smack her ass.

Gaga posted the clip on her official YouTube account Wednesday night with the caption, “We had a blast in Sao P.”

One fan said they were waiting for the full music video, with Lady Gaga tweeting, “”full version? was not a music video…just real life “XX”…i throw parties and perform all the time while my friends film.”

But she later added, “i didn’t say there WOULDNT be a music video.”

Lady Gaga is also currently working on her upcoming album, “ARTPOP”, which is expected to hit stores early 2013.

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