Lindsay Lohan Talks About Secret Sister & Axing Barbara Walters Interview (VIDEO)


Lindsay Lohan sat down for an interview with Jay Leno on the “Tonight Show” and addressed canceling her planned interview with Barbara Walters, saying the “timing wasn’t right”.

We are betting Lindsay didn’t want to discuss her probation that may be revoked, sending her back to prison.

Lohan’s interview with Leno consisted of the actress making light of tabloid reports and promoting her new movie “Liz & Dick”.

Leno only touched on safe topics, having fun with fake tabloid covers and showing a clip from a Jello commercial she recorded with Bill Cosby when she was only 10 years old.

Lindsay’s appearance on the “Tonight Show” was filmed just before she hit the red carpet for the premiere of “Liz & Dick, wearing a tacky dress in her attempt to go old school Hollywood glam.

Jay Leno asked LiLo about her decision to cancel the “20/20” interview with Barbara Walters, claiming the “timing wasn’t right”. It’s obvious that Lindsay wasn’t ready for the serious line of questioning that comes from a pro interviewer like Walters.

Lindsay Lohan said of Barbara, “I love her, I’m a big fan of Barbara Walters. When it’s right she knows she’ll be the first person I sit down with.”

Lohan also touched on her secret half-sister that her father Michael had with his mistress during his marriage to Lindsay’s mother, Dina Lohan.

Lindsay offered a bit of advice to her newly-discovered half-sister Ashley Horn, saying, “I could give her one word of advice: Good luck with my dad.”

Jay asked about her troubled years and the “Mean Girls” star said, “I made a lot of poor decisions in the past. And I’m dealing with the consequences of those decisions. So, yeah, there were times when I was concerned [about getting work], but I’m a fighter.”

Lindsay added, “And I know I have to work to gain the respect back. And I’m willing to do the work that I have to do to follow through with being an actress.”

Lindsay’s newest film, the television movie “Liz & Dick” can be seen on Lifetime at 9 PM on Nov. 25, 2012.

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