Double Baby Joy For Jamie Anne Allman & Marshall Allman!


Jamie Anne Allman, the actress that plays Terry Marek in “The Killing”, is expecting twins with her husband, “True Blood” actor Marshall Allman!

The acting couple has revealed they are expecting fraternal twins, who are due this spring.

Jamie Anne Allman and Marshall Allman knew they could conceive double bundles of joy with twins running in both of their families.

The couple told People magazine, “We were ecstatic to find out we were pregnant and overjoyed to learn they were fraternal twins. Twins run in both of our families so we were prepared for the possibility, but we know we’re gonna need all the prayers and help we can get.”

Marshall, who is probably most role for his role as Tommy “True Blood” and L.J. on “Prison Break”, had an interesting way to tell their family and friends about the pregnancy.

They revealed, “Both of us being actors, we made a film. It made it super fun and easy to share the news in a surprising way across the country.”

Marshall married Jamie Anne, known for her role as Connie in “The Shield”, in June of 2005. She is also known for her role as Terry Marek on AMC’s “The Killing”.

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