Diane Sawyer’s Tipsy Election Coverage Makes Headlines (VIDEO)


ABC news veteran Diane Sawyer’s odd behavior last night as she covered the election made for a much more interesting evening.

As we all know, Obama was re-elected and claimed victory over Republican candidate Mitt Romney. But, it was Diane Sawyer’s seemingly inebriated reporting that stole the show.

Sawyer seemed to ramble on and slur her speech, sparking speculation she was either shit-faced or on prescription medication. If you were rooting for Mitt Romney, you may have wanted to be wasted last night too when the news came in that Obama was re-elected.

We have a video of some of her bizarre behavior after the bump that is very entertaining.

One tweeter compared Sawyer’s incident to an episode of HBO drama “The Newsroom” where an anchorman had pot brownies before being called to his anchor desk to report on a news story.

At one point Sawyer said, “OK. I wanna — can we have our music, because this is another big one here? Minnesota, we’re ready to project Minnesota, rrright now. … Well, tonight we know that President Barack has won Minnesota”.

Singer Josh Groban seemed to enjoy the broadcast, tweeting, “I’ll have what Diane Sawyer is having.”

Ricki Lake retweeted Groban’s comment, adding, “And Diane Sawyer declares tonight’s winner is… chardonnay!”

It didn’t take long for a Drunk Diane Sawyer twitter page to pop up, with tweets including: “Diane Sawyer MUST HAVE TACO BELL” and “OK, I’m going to pass out now. Wake me up when#Romney concedes the race. #DrunkDianeSawyer must sleep.”

This isn’t the first time Sawyer appeared to be drunk on air. At last year’s inauguration, the news anchor appeared to be very tipsy.

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