Dayum! Wendy Williams Tears Heidi Klum A New One! (VIDEO)


Talk show host Wendy Williams seems to be taking Heidi Klum and Seal’s divorce personally. She was trash-talking the model in a segment on her talk show comparing Heidi to serial cheater Jesse James! Say what?

Williams came out and accused Heidi of having sexy-time with her bodyguard Martin Kristen before she had split with her husband Seal.

The clearly biased talk show host stated, “He’s worked for Heidi in the family for four years. Seal, you know what that means — and not just when you were out of town… I don’t think this is a new relationship, do you?”

Heidi Klum has recently admitted she is actually in love with Martin Kristen, who is often photographed holding Heidi and Seal’s children tenderly.

Seal came out and blasted Heidi after their split for “fornicating with the help,” but he later clarified his statements (possibly after a threat of a lawsuit).

Wendy Williams even goes so far as to encourage singer Seal to get half of Heidi’s money, saying that while the singer has money…that Heidi has lots more!

“You don’t let the finances go with this divorce,” Williams advised Seal. “I don’t know how much you’re worth, but she’s worth more. You need half!”

The talk show host compared Heidi Klum to serial cheater Jesse James, insisting, “I haven’t reported a story about love this disgusting since Sandra Bullock and that man.”

Williams then urges Seal to get back at Heidi by dating a hot model who is really fertile, adding,
“I’m thinking someone like Kate Upton would make Heidi’s pot liquor cooler,” said Williams.

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