Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters : See Dramatic Before & After Photos!


Everyone wants to look their best and celebrities are no different. They are under the added pressure to look perfect and stay looking young, which can be lots to handle if they are insecure in the first place.

Let’s take a look at some before-and-after photos of celebrity plastic surgery disasters!

This first actress made a “Splash” as a fresh faced mermaid early in her career.

Daryl Hannah appears to have had fillers in her lips and cheeks that make her look strange. But, the “Kill Bill” star denies having any plastic surgery.

This former model was married to a former President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkovsky.

Carla Bruni appears to have gone overboard on fillers!

This fashion designer wasn’t ever a true beauty but her cosmetic surgery certainly didn’t help!

Here is Donatella Versace today, looking very similar to a scary version of one of Jim Henson’s Muppets.

This former boxer and actor must have had one too many punches to the head to have such awful cosmetic surgery.

Mickey Rourke has come a long way since his “9 1/2 Weeks” days. He looks a bit scary now.

This British reality star has totally changed her appearance over the years.

Katie Price, aka Jordan, has had numerous breast enlargement surgeries, rhinoplasty, and you can’t miss her trout pout. The model still claims she is unhappy with her appearance.

This ghetto Barbie has appeared in Playboy and was previously married to Lorenzo Lamas.

Shauna Sand, who is known for her love of lucite stripper heels, has either had lip implants or fillers and definitely has fake boobies!

Reality star and former model Janice Dickinson used to look normal.

Now the woman who calls herself “the first real supermodel” looks more like Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

This late pop star totally altered his appearance through the years to where he was unrecognizable.

Here’s the after result of the late Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery mess.

This former naughty girl starred in “Twin Peaks” and “Men in Black 2”.

Lara Flynn Boyle now looks like a totally different person after too much plastic surgery.

These pictures make you want to listen to your mother when she says, “You are perfect just the way you are!”


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