Celebrities Up Close & Personal! (Gallery)


Most of us are fascinated with celebrities and their “perfection”, walking the red carpet and appearing in magazines with their professionally made-up faces…and a little help from their good pal Photoshop.

But, celebrities are just normal folks like us and the gallery we’ve compiled enables you to get up close and personal to your favorite stars.

Get ready to see the faces of Hollywood that shows every imperfection including their wrinkles, facial hair, stained teeth, and bad skin.

The Hollywood stars aren’t nearly as perfect as their magazine covers lead us to believe, with most people finding themselves a bit disappointed when they’ve met their favorite celebrity in person.

Most of us enjoy seeing celebs looking less-than-fabulous because in a sick way it makes us feel better about ourselves. Yep, we are beeyatches!

Let’s take an extremely close look at a few celebrity men and women.

Images: news


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