Taylor Swift Claims Her “Jealous” Exes Didn’t Like Her Being Successful


Taylor Swift thinks her former boyfriends were too “competitive”.

The country singer, who has previously dated celebrities such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and John Mayer, said her relationships have ended because her jealous exes couldn’t handle her being more successful than them.

Taylor explained, “I’ve found that men I’ve dated who are in the same business can be really competitive. I’ve found a great group of girlfriends in the same business who aren’t competitive, but a few times guys have started comparing careers and it has been… challenging.

“The last thing I think about when I fall for someone is what they do for a living as I like to get to know that person, but sometimes guys start acting weirdly towards me, especially if I get good news and they get bad… It’s usually downhill from there.”

The “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” singer is famous for writing songs about her ex-boyfriends said she can’t imagine anyone would ask her not to write about her feelings in her lyrics because they should assume it’s a “waiver” of dating her.

Taylor Swift told You magazine, “It’s mind-blowing how some guys have just handed me inspiration for some of these songs on a plate. Some have said, ‘Please don’t write about me,’ but only when we’re in the process of breaking up.

“If a man dates me, he’s kind of signing a waiver saying he’s cool with me writing songs about him. I write songs about my life: it’s not something I’ve kept secret.”

Swift, who is currently dating Connor Kennedy, said she wasn’t popular with the boys in school and struggled to be invited on dates.

Swift admits, “I was never a boy magnet at school. There was always the girl all the guys liked and wanted to date, but it was never me.”

The singer also recently said it was “fun” to “torture” her ex-boyfriends by writing about them. She doesn’t seem so sweet now, huh?

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