Jack Osbourne & Lisa Stelly Married In Hawaii!


Jack Osbourne has married Lisa Stelly in an “emotional and fun-filled” Hawaiian wedding ceremony.

The 26-year-old reality television star wed the mode/actress on the Kona-Kohala coast of West Hawaii on Sunday.

There were around 48 guests at their ceremony including Jack’s famous parents Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, sister Kelly Osbourne, and Jack and Lisa’s six-month-old baby girl, Pearl.

There were rumors going around last week that Osbourne and Stelly, who became engaged last September, were planning to marry over the weekend but Jack shot the reports down on Twitter.

Osbourne tweeted, “I love how going to Hawaii with my mum for her 60th has turned into my wedding. Hahaha people are funny.”

But it turns out that the rumors were true!

Jack Osbourne, who recently revealed he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis shortly after his daughter’s birth, said of his health, “Honestly, I’m fine. Ultimately that is the toughest thing with this disease that I’m learning, one minute you can be fine, and the next I went blind in my right eye. It’s a completely unpredictable disease.”

Lisa Stelly adds, “I think me and Jack are doing better than everyone else, honestly. We’re just really trying to stay positive and we don’t really have much time to be sad, because we have diapers to change and a little girl to look at and smile at. We’re just having fun. He’s going to be OK.”

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