Joseph Gordon-Levitt Strips Down For “Saturday Night Live” (VIDEO)


Joseph Gordon-Levitt gave his female fans a thrill on “Saturday Night Live” by stripping off during a “Magic Mike” style skit on the show this weekend.

Levitt opened the show with a joke in his monologue about starring with Bruce Willis in an upcoming thriller movie entitled “Looper”, stating, “I play a young version of Bruce Willis, so I guess I’m playing Ashton Kutcher.”

The actor said that his favorite movie of the summer had to be “Magic Mike”, which starred his friend Channing Tatum.

He then asked the audience members if they knew his favorite part of the film and proceeded to show them himself by tearing off his shirt to the tune of “It’s Raining Men.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stripped down and put on a bowler hat as he began grinding his hips as he thrusted in the face of a female audience member.

The actor was then joined onstage by SNL cast members Taran Killam, Bobby Moynihan, and Jay Pharoah..

Another funny skit for the actor was for Tres Equis, where Levitt played the son of the Dos Equis man.

The video stated that he was able to “make a woman cringe, just by entering a room” and “he claims he dated a model, but her only job was an ad for her dad’s car dealership…and they never had sex.”

The Tres Equis commercial aired later on in the episode with the appearance of the dad himself, which was played by Jason Sudeikis.

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