Joe Francis Ordered To Pay Casino Owner Steve Wynn $20 Million!


Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis has been ordered to pay casino honcho Steve Wynn $20 million to settle their ongoing legal battle.

Steve and Joe have been in a nasty court battle over Francis’ $2 million gambling debt since 2009. Wynn filed a defamation lawsuit against Francis, claiming Joe’s untrue statements had tarnished his reputation.

A jury on Monday awarded Steve Wynn $20 million in his slander case over Joe Francis claiming Wynn had threatened to kill him over his debt.

Grammy winning record producer Quincy Jones testified in the trial, claiming Francis told him about Wynn’s threats and showed him emails.

Francis had claimed Wynn threatened to hit him over the head with a shovel and have him buried in the desert.

Neither Wynn nor Francis was present in court Monday morning when the verdict was read.

Joe Francis said he expects the verdict to be overturned on appeal due to judicial error, stating today, “I’m startled by the jury’s verdict because it’s totally unfounded and the evidence does not support it.”

Francis adds, “California law is very clear. You can’t add a cause of action at the end of trial about something that had nothing to do with the trial. Therefore we are 100 percent confident this jury verdict will be reversed on appeal.”

Wynn, the CEO of The Mirage, Bellagio, Wynn, and Encore will be donating any winnings to charity.

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