Jessica Simpson Shares Photos Of Her Daughter Maxwell With Fans


Jessica Simpson has been showing off her precious baby girl Maxwell in photos from her fiance Eric Johnson’s 33rd birthday.

The singer and designer and her fiance seem overjoyed with their 4-month-old daughter, featured in the black and white photos on Jessica’s blog.

One picture showed Eric smiling down at his daughter who he is holding in his arms with the caption, “Daddy’s 33rd Birthday!”

Another photo shows 32-year-old Simpson with her daughter under a caption that states, “Last year at Daddy’s party, Maxwell was in my belly. This year she’s in my arms!”

On the blog iVillage, Jessica said she wants to be sure to focus is on Maxwell’s own individuality.

“I think that we can easily put expectations on our children just by comparing them to other children. I obviously want to know that my daughter is healthy, that I’m doing the right thing in taking care of her and she’s getting all the nutrients that she needs.

“But, I think that as parents, we do a lot of comparing and we don’t really focus on our child in their own individuality.

“Taking away all the comparisons is a really healthy way to parent — and not focus on the percentiles and all that kind of stuff.”

Simpson talked about her adjustments as a new mom, stating, “We don’t have a nanny in the day, but we did have a night nurse in the beginning, and it’s really helped me stay sane.

“Anybody that can be there [helps] — even if it’s a relative who can help you so you can sleep in the first couple weeks of being home from the hospital.

“You have much more of a clear head. It’s really hard in the beginning and nobody can prepare you for it. But I really did get lucky: Maxwell is able to sleep through the night!”

Jessica Simpson said she thinks her fiance Eric is a very sexy daddy.

She said, “Watching him as a dad is probably one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. There is something about having these big hands on this little baby that is, by far, one of the sexiest things in the world.”

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