Bam Margera Awakened By Crazy Naked Chick Kissing Him


Bam Margera probably felt like a victim of one of his “Jackass” pranks after waking up to a female intruder kissing him.

The 32-year-old reality star had a very rude awakening when the crazy naked woman began kissing him while he was asleep in his Philadelphia home.

Margera reportedly pushed the woman off of him and proceeded to call the West Chester police.

But while Bam was on the phone line to the police, the crazy lady dropped to the floor and began masturbating.

Margera forced the 24-year-old naked woman out of his mansion.

Police later arrested the young woman in question in the rural area surrounding Margera’s estate.

The crazy nude masturbating chick now faces charges of burglary, criminal trespass, and stalking.

Last month Margera was photographed handcuffed and being led by police through Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina after he was refused permission to fly.

The airline said he smelled strongly of alcohol and was causing a ruckus by being loud and obnoxious as he waited for his flight.

Police put him in a holding cell for several hours to sober up before allowing him to continue his journey.

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