Amy Lee Of Evanescence Targeted By “Hacktivists” Anonymous


Amy Lee of the band Evanescence is the latest target by the online hacking collective that calls themselves Anonymous.

Anonymous claim Lee, her manager, and the President of EMI sub-label Wind Up Records prevented a witness from reporting online offenses, including child pornography.

The group is calling their investigation Operation PedoChat that started through a petition that was presented by a group of British Members of Parliament to the UK’s House of Commons on July 17 2012.

“We declare that Amy Lynn Lee Hartzler of the Rock Band Evanescence, her manager Andrew Lurie and Ed Vetri the President of her label Wind Up Records, are targets for Anons and especially operations #OpPedoChat and #OpDarkNet,” reads the statement posted on

The witness, who is listed as Smith, filed a petition alleging Lee’s representatives at Schillings Lawyers acted on behalf of Amy Lee demanding Smith not report criminal offenses that were seen on the band’s fan site to police. The site has now been shut down and re-directs to their Facebook page.

“Petitioner believes that Schillings compelled the Petitioner to sign a contract that requires him not to report a number of alleged offenses in relation to their website.”

The alleged offenses are very serious and include, “attempts to procure the suicide of a teenage girl”, “drugs offenses”, “circulating illegal child pornography including photographs”, and Lee’s former employees publishing “pedophile material including a story about sexual offenses against a physically disabled male minor and cartoons with pre-teens in lawful poses but with sexualized captions, including sexual activity with animals and one caption regarding a toddler consuming human feces.”

Anonymous is asking their community to rally together against Evanescence with protests planned for the band’s November concerts on the 11th in Manchester and the 9th in London.

“We Anonymous aim to diminish if not eradicate this plague from the Internet,” the statement reads. “For the good of our followers, for the good of mankind, and for our own enjoyment we shall expel from the Internet and systematically destroy Amy Lee and Andrew Lurie unless they agree to cease and desist their selfish and corrupt actions.”

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