Michelle Williams’ Daughter Matilda Wants Her To Marry Jason Segel


Michelle Williams’ daughter is pressuring her to marry actor Jason Segel.

The “My Week with Marilyn” star has been dating the “Saving Sarah Marshall” actor for about six months, but it’s long enough for her daughter to want something more permanent.

The six-year-old, who is Michelle’s daughter from the late Heath Ledger, has wedding and baby plans for Jason and her mother.

An insider said, “You should hear Matilda talk – she wants to be a flower girl, and she tells her mom she wants a little sister. She knows that won’t happen if Momma doesn’t marry Jason – so she’s pushing for it”.

Sources reveal Michelle and Jason seem very in love and close friends wouldn’t be surprised if they married before the end of this year.

One source said, “Jason lives to make Michelle laugh, and that’s pretty hard for a girl to resist. Plus, he’s shown he’d make a great daddy. Bet on a marriage by the end of the year”.

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