Michael Phelps Scores 22 Olympic Medals & Smoking Hot Girlfriend


Michael Phelps, who recently broke the record for the most Olympic medals, has scored majorly in his personal life too.

The swimmer is dating Megan Rossee, a 25-year-old model from Los Angeles.

Insiders report Phelps and Rossee have been dating for around five months now, with Megan even cheering him on at the Olympic trials.

Megan has tweeted Michael and even shared a photo of the two of them snuggling together.

Last week, she tweeted about how much she missed him, writing, “@MichaelPhelps this probably will get lost in your tweets but since i cant text i miss you and cant wait to spend time with you for real xo.”

A few days later, she tweeted, “good luck tonight bear @MichaelPhelps: Last prelim swim complete… 2 big ones tonight… Nap time now…”

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Images: news


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