Elton John Brands Madonna A “F**king Fairground Stripper” (VIDEO)


In a revealing interview with Australian journalist Molly Meldrum, Elton John opened up about his father, son Zachary, and took a moment to slam Madonna.

John immediately became angry when the interviewer brought up Madonna’s name.

Elton said, “Why is [Madonna] such a nightmare? Sorry, her career is over, I can tell you that. Her tour has been a disaster and it couldn’t happen to a bigger c**t.”

Elton and Madonna have feuded for years now, but his latest rant comes after Madonna claims that Lady Gaga’s hit “Born This Way” is a rip-off of her old hit “Express Yourself.”

Elton not only bashed Madonna’s music, but even her fashion sense.

“If Madonna had any common sense she would have made a record like Ray of Light and stayed away from the dance stuff and just been a great pop singer and make great pop records, which she does brilliantly,” he stated.

“But no … she looks like a f**king fairground stripper. She’s been so horrible to Gaga.”

Lady Gaga is the godmother of Elton and David Furnish’s son Zachary and he is obviously very protective of the singer.

“She’s great,” he said of Gaga. “Wherever she is in the world she sends texts to him. She asks, ‘How is he?’ She comes and bathes him, she sings to him, she’s a good godmother and she really pays attention.”

Check out Elton’s interview:

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