Children Of The Corn Star Malachi (Courtney Gains) A Stalker?


Courtney Gains, the actor known for his creepy role as Malachi in “Children of the Corn”, proves that gingers have no soul.

Gains has been hit with a restraining order after stalking his former girlfriend after their split.

Kelley Marie Pospisil was granted a protective order against the actor after claiming he bombarded her with text messages when their two-year relationship ended.

In court documents, Pospisil writes, “I am scared that (Gains) may be following me… (his) behavior is terrifying and making me fearful of my life.”

Kelley says Courtney has been sending her messages such as, “Don’t think I won’t go find your ass. Just keep it up b**ch.”

She also said the actor is using Facebook to track her down through her friends … and fears “his escalating behavior is going to get worse.”

Kelly also revealed that Courtney told her he had been abusive to past girlfriends.

A hearing has been set for August 21.

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