Another Hit & Run For Amanda Bynes: Why Is She Still Driving?


Amanda Bynes has been accused of another hit and run accident, less than two months after being charged with a DUI.

Bynes reportedly hit a car and drove away without giving the other driver her insurance information. The incident happened on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The actress was driving her black BMW when she rear-ended a Toyota Corolla. The woman Bynes hit said the star “looked like a hot mess”, but soon realized who she was after they began chatting about the accident.

The woman, who revealed her first name is Kisa, got her insurance card out to exchange information with Bynes, but the actress felt it was unnecessary.

Amanda felt there was not enough damage to worry about, but the Corolla’s bumper was jacked up and her BMW had “significant” damage.

The “Easy A” actress refused to give the other driver her insurance information and got into her car and left the scene.

Kisa called police to report the incident, which was considered a hit-and-run.

Why in the hell is Amanda Bynes still allowed to drive?

She entered a not guilty plea to the DUI charge from her April 6 arrest in West Hollywood. Bynes sideswiped a police car in her BMW. A month before that she was given a ticket for talking on her cell phone while driving.

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