Woman Kept Dead Boyfriend Around For Companionship & NASCAR


A 72-year-old woman by the name of Linda Chase kept the dead body of her boyfriend, Charles Zigler, in a chair in their Michigan home for over 18 months so that she’d have a companion for watching NASCAR on television.

Chase reveals she kept Zigler clean and dressed and often chatted with his dead body, especially while enjoying NASCAR races.

Linda, who actually seems just lonely and pitiful, said of her decision, “It’s not that I’m heartless… I didn’t want to be alone. He was the only guy who was ever nice to me.”

Jackson police discovered Zigler’s mummified body in a chair in the home’s living room chair last week, after his family finally called police to have them do a welfare check after not hearing from him.

Police believe he died of natural causes around December 2010, but Chase claims he past away in December of 2011.

Chase hasn’t been arrested but she is being investigated for fraud after admitting she was cashing Zigler’s benefit checks after his death.

The woman told a local newspaper, “I’m probably going to prison. I told them the truth. I didn’t lie about that.”

Zigler’s son Wally, 48, said his father worked in a machine shop and received Social Security, pension checks and veteran benefits. He said he tried to visit his father but Linda wouldn’t allow him into the house.

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