Vanessa Paradis Devastated Over Johnny Depp’s Cheating


Vanessa Paradis, who is looking awesome since her split with longtime love Johnny Depp, has demanded that he keep Amber Heard away from their children.

Vanessa, 39, was reportedly devastated after learning of Depp’s dalliance with Heard and is prepared to fight for her share of the actor’s $350 million fortune.

A close friend to Paradis said, “Vanessa might be putting on a brave face in public, but she’s absolutely distraught. There’s no amount of money that can take away her agony as the full picture of what actually went down with Amber slow­ly emerges.”

Johnny, 49, and Amber, 26, started hooking up while filming “The Rum Di­ary” in 2009. But there was actually rumors around that time that Vanessa was jealous of him filming “The Tourist” with Angelina Jolie.

Rumors began swirling about Amber and Johnny during their promotional tour of their movie and the straw that broke the camel’s back for Vanessa was when she saw him photographed with his arm around Amber at the movie’s London premiere.

An insider explained, “Vanessa and Johnny made a pact years ago that he would never be pho­tographed with another woman in a compromising situation, no matter how in­nocent.

“When he did that in Lon­don, Vanessa knew there was no going back. What she can’t believe is that Amber was most likely in the picture as far back as 2009”.

The source adds, “Right now, she’s angry and humiliated and not seeing things straight, but everyone believes her when she says she’ll never forgive Johnny for walking out on his family”.

Vanessa feels she should receive a large chunk of Depp’s money because they were together during his hit “Pirates” movies.

But in the meantime, Vanessa is making sure to keep Amber away from her children. In fact, sources report she sent a message to Amber through their reps that she doesn’t want her around Lily, 13, or Jack, 10.

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