Sexy Celebs That Sport Hairy Armpits On Red Carpet (Photos)


Pixie Lott looked gorgeous in an aqua-colored gown at “The Dark Knight Rises” premiere in London last night, but it seems she had a furry accessory under her armpits.

The stunning singer/actress posed for photos and seemed oblivious to her fashion faux pas. And, judging by her black armpit hair, we’re guessing she’s not a real blonde!

But, Pixie isn’t the only one that has been caught with nasty pit hair.

Most of us remember other stars that have stepped out in evening wear with obvious armpit stubble, such as the infamous photo of Julia Roberts in 2010.

Let’s take a look at a few Hollywood stunners that stepped out on the town au naturel.

Beyonce may be bootylicious but she’s also fuzzylicious:

Funny-woman Sarah Silverman is sporting some pretty hilariously hairy pits:

Flower-child Drew Barrymore, who is expecting her first child, was sporting some major fluff:

Socialite Paris Hilton has no job but still can’t find time to shave?

Actress Halle Berry looks gorgeous in her shiny, strapless evening gown but forgot one minor detail:

“X Factor” judge Britney Spears may have shaved her head during her breakdown, but was caught with unshaved underarm hair:

Former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland looks flawless except for forgetting to shave:

Tyra Banks is normally picture perfect but the former model was photographed with a little stubble:

Julia Roberts in probably one of the most known armpit hair photo when she walked the red carpet in 2010:

What do you guys feel about women with armpit hair? Personally, I find it disgusting.

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  1. I don’t care how old this is, you literally created an article bullying women for having something natural grow on their body, grow up you’re disgusting.

  2. Everybody has it and women should be able to choose whether they want to shave it or not, rather than worry what others might think.


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