Sage Stallone Death: Huge Amounts Of RX Drugs & Bags Of White Powder Found


Sylvester Stallone’s son’s death remains a mystery after the autopsy came back inconclusive, pending the toxicology test results due in two months.

But new information released reveals there were several bags of white powder that were found in the room where Sage died.

Law enforcement sources said there were “several small baggies” of a white substance found at the scene, believed to be cocaine or crushed Vicodin.

Sources also report there were huge amounts of prescription drug medications in his home.

An insider said there were “60 gigantic bottles, like the ones in pharmacies”.

How did Sage get his hands on such large quantities of the prescription meds, which reportedly included Hydrocodone and generic Vicodin?

Sage’s actor father Sylvester Stallone has now hired a private investigator to discover exactly what happened to his late son.

Stallone, 66, has met with a P.I. named Scott Ross to try and find out the truth behind his son’s death.

Most people close to Sage, who was 36, overdosed on painkillers but Stallone wants to know if his son was using drugs or drinking alcohol in days preceding his early demise.

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